Huw Davies Therapy and Supervision

About my therapy

I am a trained integrative counsellor who works from a strong person centred base.

This means that I value people as individuals and have a belief that we all strive to fulfil our individual potential.

I work by being

  • Empathic - striving to feel what it is like to 'be in your shoes'

  • Genuine - having no pretences in our relationship, not being an expert in your life and accepting our human frailty

  • Non judgemental - accepting you as a client without judgement on your life

With my training in integrative counselling I can respond personally, effectively and with flexibility to your whole experience. I can assimilate a variety of counselling models using an overall integrative framework as we work together. Some of the differing approaches I integrate into my work, in agreement with you the client, are Mindfulness (learning to experience emotions in the present moment), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Transactional Analysis (TA), Person Centred Approach (PCA) and Solution Focused Therapy (SFT). This coupled with a quality therapeutic relationship can be the basis for success in our journey together.

In my role as a counsellor I do not offer you advice, I believe you are the expert in your life and our work together is based on the principle of establishing, increasing and securing your autonomy. We work together on the issues you bring to our sessions in a spirit of equality.

  • Individual fee is £50.00 per 1 hour session.

  • Invoiced individual fee is £60.00 per 1 hour session

  • Group fee is available on request.

  • There are occasionally concessionary, negotiable rates for counsellors in training, students in related professions and the unwaged.

Please note that fee levels are subject to payment method and concessions where offered, are to individuals and not organisations.